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Author Notes:

Notos 22nd Nov 2015, 5:11 AM edit delete
The beginning of the end! Thanks for the patience during the hiatus, we begin with Page 1 next Sunday.

I did a brief interview with comic fury's otterkit

which you can check out here.
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Xith 22nd Nov 2015, 5:22 AM edit delete reply
Hope Gav's ok!

Btw, ch 8 is like, 50000000000000000 pages right? ;)
Notos 22nd Nov 2015, 11:19 PM edit delete reply
Sorry to say its a bit shorter than other chapters, mostly just an epilogue.
Xith 25th Nov 2015, 7:19 AM edit delete reply
Well, even if it is short, you've got a knack for making so much happen per page/chapter. =)
Liska 22nd Nov 2015, 2:08 PM edit delete reply
Yay, it's time for the next chapter!

Boo, it's time for the last chapter :(

I am excited to see what you do next after this, though... please keep us updated here every once in a while!
Notos 22nd Nov 2015, 11:20 PM edit delete reply
I'll definitely keep people updated on what is coming next.
Grall 22nd Nov 2015, 2:59 PM edit delete reply
Given the slow but sure death of support for Flash on the web, have you considered what you might do for your next project?
I'd hate to see all this work become unavailable to view in a few years time.
Notos 22nd Nov 2015, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
I'm still thinking of what format to go with, I'm leaning mostly toward a format that allows for print, a lot of people have asked for physical copies. We'll see, it might be something similar with frame progression and eyecatcher animations but less with the dialogue that disappears.
Pedro 22nd Nov 2015, 7:44 PM edit delete reply
I for one would love to somehow have the comic in book form on my bookshelf!
R. E. J. Karlsson 22nd Nov 2015, 9:24 PM edit delete reply
R. E. J. Karlsson
bronakopdin 22nd Nov 2015, 9:57 PM edit delete reply
that is true but I guess it's hard to realize due to the nature of the comic with all the animations :/
if you wanted to show it all it would be several times the same panel with different speechbubbles and minor changes but LOADS of pages which would raise the printing costs, also I fear even though it would be awesome it would still not be the same without the animations

but in general YES INDEED xD
R. E. J. Karlsson 29th Nov 2015, 12:06 AM edit delete reply
R. E. J. Karlsson
Worth it! I realise it'd need quite a lot of tweaks, but I'd happily pay.
ashrium 23rd Nov 2015, 7:29 AM edit delete reply
The end D: oh man I'm really gonna miss these characters and setting :'( , this was my first webcomic actually
MoonByte 23rd Nov 2015, 8:58 AM edit delete reply
Will Vinnie and Fridge get the attention they deserve?
Will Galvin get over his attack well?
Will Mackie's shop become more self-sustainable?
Will Papa and Galena just continue to rock as they did the whole time already?

Find out in this new chapter (or not)!

But seriously, I really enjoyed your comic, so I am kind of excited to see what kind of finishing touch you will give it :)
Notos 23rd Nov 2015, 8:16 PM edit delete reply
I'm hoping the 'conclusion montage' I have planned covers all (and more) of these points.
ashrium 24th Nov 2015, 1:44 AM edit delete reply
Are you maybe going to keep drawing them randomly I mean Vinnie and Galvin
Notos 25th Nov 2015, 1:14 AM edit delete reply
I might do art of them here and there after the story wraps. But it depends on how swamped I am with regular work, and ramp up for my next project.
justkeepondriving 6th Jan 2016, 7:17 PM edit delete reply
Do you have a tumblr or somewhere you post random doodles where we might be able to follow you? :)
Notos 6th Jan 2016, 9:19 PM edit delete reply
After BT wraps I'll be posting any artwork and updates on my twitter, you can find the link button above.
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