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Author Notes:

Notos 1st Jun 2014, 3:55 PM edit delete
This weeks page (and this was indeed done in the span of 1 week) was brought to you by Buying Time's official sponsors; late nights, energy drinks, and retro synth pop music.

Alright my Autonoms, this brings Chapter 4 of Buying Time to a close, and the start of the summer hiatus. For old readers, you know the drill. For those of you who are new to Buying time (and I know there are a lot of you now!) here's the rundown. I'll be taking (at least) 2 months off to rebuild my buffer. During this time, I'll still update every Sunday with sketches and production art from this chapter. I'll post schedule updates and progress as well, basically, stop by every Sunday if you are curious how things are going or wanna see some behind the scenes stuff. Near the end of the hiatus there will be an "Ask ____" segment.

Speaking of extra's and goodies, head over to Harry Bentley's blog Sexy + Geeky for our interview about Buying Time, anime, gaming, and other things geeky.
There is a link to the blog in the links page.

I also realized I very much should have been thanking those who have donated to comic but completely neglected to do so. To all past donators, thank you so much, I appreciate your kind gift, and apologies for not mentioning it. I'll be making an effort to do so from now on. On that note, thanks so much James E.

Time to take a nap. Apologies in advance for any spelling errors this page might have, you Autonoms are good about catching them for me, but I'm too pooped to make any edits today, if there are any I'll correct them later on.
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R.E.J. Karlsson 1st Jun 2014, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
Notos: thankyou. This comic has been a delight. It's why I have a bottle of blue hair dye to add to my old mohawk in the next few weeks (work says no, for now). Thanks again. That's all I have to say.

Okay, that was a lie. One more thing. I know you're happy to receive fanart, but how would you feel about fanfiction? I've had a few ideas, and would love to pen them. Of course, this is your project, so I wouldn't use any of your characters without permission (though yould that be okay?). The stories I've got in mind would mostly borrow Hyperion City as a setting, as well as DLC, rather than characters. And, naturally, I wouldn't post stories anywhere without your approval beforehand. Hoping to hear from you!

PS one typo I noticed: Fridge, about a third of the way through. "His wealth is *recent" :)
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:45 PM edit delete reply
I haven't really thought of fan fiction, I'm not sure how I'd feel about someone writing about canon characters (can't 'stop' it from happening, I guess!) but I think a story using the setting and DLC system and stuff with new characters would be interesting to see.
And typo fixed.
R.E.J. Karlsson 1st Jun 2014, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
Then non-canon characters it shall be. Thanks for the heads-up!
Rauron 2nd Jun 2014, 5:39 AM edit delete reply
What are your concerns/dislikes regarding fan works which put canon characters into non-canon situations?
Notos 6th Jun 2014, 1:16 PM edit delete reply
Rauron, I'm not sure exactly, I've just always been a bit of a stickler for canon versus non canon stuff. On one hand I appreciate people getting excited about the characters and setting, on the other hand they are important to me, and seeing what I've set up for them, created for them 'toyed around with' would be weird. If that makes sense. Mind you, this is just for non-canon situations, I love fanart and stories that fit.
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
I've asked about his before and you didnt comment. Is it b/c I have a short name? LOL, j/k. I'm doing the same thing, nothing on paper yet and I dont post anything I do anyways. :-p

So its safe to say it's all in my head...and its all non-canon, just set in your city porn.
PunkTiger 1st Jun 2014, 4:36 PM edit delete reply
Good ending to the chapter, Notos. I'm very glad Vinnie has gotten his concern about thinking he's a burden out in the open with Galvin. Let's see how they settle that.

(Oh, 1 S in "occasion", and 1 C in "recent".

Have a good resting period, and I'll see you in the next update.
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:46 PM edit delete reply
Not sure how much of a 'resting period' it will be, a couple days maybe, then I gotta get to roughing out new pages! There is no rest with Buying Time ;)
Thanks for reading, as always!
Ovnuniarchos 1st Jun 2014, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
I hope Anna and Uni have cute little puma ears… ;P
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:47 PM edit delete reply
If not, then they'll certainly have some risque 80's looking outfits and huge hair.
somonelse 1st Jun 2014, 4:41 PM edit delete reply
I was surprised this update wasn't in my RSS reader, but I think that's because I checked just as you posted it! Great stuff as ever, and thanks for putting in the hard week to get it up on time. :)

Man, I'm going to be in suspense all hiatus, but I know it'll be worth it. Good on Galvin for understanding why Vinnie's not happy with the situation, and trying to think of a solution; I wonder what he's got in mind.

Given all the dialogue (and all the late nights) its not surprising a few typos snuck in; these are the ones I spotted:
"His wealth is reccent" -> "recent"
[Next frame]: "Do you have mansion" -> "do you have a mansion"
"Qunicy Inn" -> "Quincy Inn"
"I havn't stopped thinking about it since we met" -> "haven't"

Looking forward to the bonus material while you get everything prepared. :D
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:51 PM edit delete reply
Got em, fixed. Thanks!
MJ 1st Jun 2014, 4:42 PM edit delete reply
I knew it was coming, but that two month break still makes me sad!

And a cliffhanger too... you're evil~!
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:51 PM edit delete reply
A necessary evil. Could I produce the pages faster I would. Hang in there!
Harry Bentley 1st Jun 2014, 4:46 PM edit delete reply
awwww, Vinnie No D: *all the hugs*
Also Goddamn, a romantic cliffhanger!

Thanks for the plug Casey ^^
It was a pleasure chatting with you - totally Nitro!
Can't wait to see how this resolves :D
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:52 PM edit delete reply
Cheers, great doing the interview and glad to have you aboard.
Vincent 1st Jun 2014, 5:03 PM edit delete reply
Okay, the meeting going's pretty good, I epecially liked when Galvin panicked at Galena's forwardess.

But Vinnie... Damn it, I understand your worries, but you should...

Oh no!

Ahem... Sorry.

I'm glad Vinnie finally confessed his worries. And I hope Galvin's idea's gonna work. I can't wait to see...


More seriously, awesome end to the chapter, and good hiatus!
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:55 PM edit delete reply
We'll see if it works or not, next Chapter is all about trying things out, and trying to get things to work! It'll be aptly titled 'Trial and Error'. Stay tuned. Hang in there and thanks for the patience.
Sapfo 1st Jun 2014, 5:11 PM edit delete reply
Vinnie seems to really feel the influence of his financial situation. Really hope that Galvin has a great solution so that Vinnie does not need to feel like he's using his Lover.
I really do enjoy this comic, it is both cute/funny and a bit sad.
Thank you! ♥
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:56 PM edit delete reply
Indeed, feeling like a burden or not living up to someones expectations is a powerful emotion! Thanks for stopping by!
TheD-Wrek 1st Jun 2014, 5:14 PM edit delete reply
Aw. That was sweet. Great work as always. Looking forward to the extra material! :D
SilverLion80 1st Jun 2014, 6:00 PM edit delete reply
"Fridge is a motormouth". Great pun. Usually puns are just awful, but you made it work. See you next week.
Rauron 2nd Jun 2014, 5:59 AM edit delete reply
... Completely missed this one. Damn. Good catch!
kittychick 1st Jun 2014, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
Awesome update! Thank you for going the extra mile (and drinking the extra energy drinks!) to bring it to us. Hope your hiatus is productive; I'll be looking forward to more Vinnie and Galvin sweetness later this summer! Do I sense a shacking-up proposal in the near future? I hope so! In the meantime, I'll be checking back on Sundays for all the behind-the scenes extra goodness. :-D
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 8:58 PM edit delete reply
In this setting there are several 'work arounds' and 'solutions' to the system, some more legit than others. We'll see the boys try out a few next chapter.
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 8:12 PM edit delete reply
This was what I was thinking too, I wont be suprised if Galvin asks for Vinnie to move in, big money saver for Vinnie in long run too. I would think there would be a bf/gf "dating package" that would discount already.
minatonamikaze 1st Jun 2014, 6:24 PM edit delete reply
so who will be in the ask segment this time?
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 9:00 PM edit delete reply
Not sure at this point, I'll most likely put it to a vote when the time comes later, since it's mostly about audience participation might as well let you guys choose too! Though, the amount of questions this time is going to be overwhelming with all the new readers.
Wuffles 1st Jun 2014, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
Is that where I think it is?

-Mild possible spoiler warning-

That place you pointed out in your map of the city?
TTownlittlebear 1st Jun 2014, 7:30 PM edit delete reply
I think it one of the sub levels. Where they don't have to worry about DLC
Grall 1st Jun 2014, 9:09 PM edit delete reply
Yup, that was my guess too.
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 9:00 PM edit delete reply
It's the Sub Levels, yes.
Admiral Jane 1st Jun 2014, 7:19 PM edit delete reply
Admiral Jane
Aww, Vinnie. I know the feeling too well.

Thanks for an awesome update. Can't wait to hear Galvin's idea. Enjoy the hiatus!
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 9:02 PM edit delete reply
Thanks Jane! although I'll still be drawing like a maniac during the hiatus, not having weekly deadlines will be nice for awhile.
chris-tar 1st Jun 2014, 7:21 PM edit delete reply
I have to admit, even though I consider my self heterosexual, it really is touching to see how compassionate and gentle Galvin is towards Vinnie. Great job conveying those emotions.
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 9:02 PM edit delete reply
Thanks chris glad you think so!
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 8:14 PM edit delete reply
Genitals aside, love is love. There is really no diff.
Liska 1st Jun 2014, 7:22 PM edit delete reply
Those two are sooooo cute ! <3 I hope Vinnie can relax a little now, and work on getting himself back on his feet/building a life with Galvin... or at least exploring the potential of one! woo!
Julien 1st Jun 2014, 7:37 PM edit delete reply
Hi Casey, I'm really enjoying your comic. Alex sent me. And with TJ and Amal wrapping up last month, it's great to settle into a new story that's told so well. I really appreciate all the little details and the fact that you animate it makes it a completely unique reading experience compared to other comics. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 9:03 PM edit delete reply
Hey there, welcome aboard! Hope you don't mind the hiatus and hope to see you for Chapter 5.
mountain0goat 1st Jun 2014, 7:45 PM edit delete reply
Wow! quite an ending. if anyone read the comic in one sitting that panel where Vinnie cries is actually pretty emotional.

Now, what's with the sewage-town?!?
Notos 1st Jun 2014, 9:06 PM edit delete reply
Check out the Chapter 2 supplement, it explains the Sub-Levels, it's a place where Papa Obari used to live.
Draginbeard 1st Jun 2014, 8:43 PM edit delete reply
Man, I know very much how it is when you are tight for money and you are trying to not let it show.

Vinnie may be shy, but he has some strong pride. I really like that.

Hope you get tons done on the summer break, and looking forward to the return!
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:34 AM edit delete reply
Cheers thanks, so do I! Heres hoping for a smooth production run.
John 1st Jun 2014, 8:54 PM edit delete reply
I was so close to crying for Vinnie there. Mind you I've been there myself, so I know exactly how he feels.

It ended up ending the relationship. I REALLY hope history doesn't repeat here.

Also loving Vinnie's cap. I may have to adapt that style for me; think I could rock that look.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
It's probably a tough thing to deal with in any situation!
I had no idea what that type of hat was called, I have just seen them worn on a number of other characters from cartoons and comics. The best name google could provide was 'paperboy hat'. I'm sure there is a proper name.
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 8:21 PM edit delete reply
Its one of the only hats I like and wear. Baseball hats are a bit uncomfortable for me to wear long term.
Sofia 1st Jun 2014, 8:55 PM edit delete reply
Poor Vinnie. I wonder what Galvin's idea is... Does the last panel look a bit ominous or is it just me?

Thanks for your hard work, Notos! Looking forward to the new chapter in a couple of months' time. Will make sure to be checking the weekly sketches till then. xx
nwbbb 1st Jun 2014, 8:59 PM edit delete reply
No peeking without buying me a drink. Fantastic. Great update! Enjoy your summer & see u in a couple of months.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:37 AM edit delete reply
You're the first to comment on that. I was thinking what kind of neon sign Galena would install in her men's bathrooms. It seemed cheeky enough.
Grall 1st Jun 2014, 9:13 PM edit delete reply
Wow! I'm impressed you managed to get such an update completed in time, what with so much going on in this one.

Best of luck to you during the hiatus. I will wait patiently for your return. :]
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:37 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, as always!
KryX 1st Jun 2014, 9:19 PM edit delete reply
New fan sent from TYP and very much enjoying not only the story but the format. On that note, what should this format be called, multimedia? I ask because I am interested in finding other works out there in a similar multimedia style. Or, it this the first of it's kind? If that's the case, very well done indeed.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:39 AM edit delete reply
Try running some searches for 'digital flash comic'. There are a few comics that utilize flash in different ways, like panel reveals and animations, but none I've seen in the same way (or length) of Buying Time.
Atsorf 1st Jun 2014, 9:59 PM edit delete reply
Totally loved the ending. This is such a great series and I love your style. I was thinking about how I am going to know when this will start up again but since you still update every Sunday I guess I still have stuff to look forward to until the next chapter. (run on sentence if I ever saw one.) Big fan and would love to hear what type of music Retro Synth Pop is!
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:40 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, 2 months is just a general estimate, check back on Sundays if you ever get curious, I'll be posting any important schedule updates along with sketches and stuff.
sirBloble 1st Jun 2014, 11:06 PM edit delete reply
Awwww! He's crying!! Can't wait for the next chapter! Two months isn't that long a wait. I've been waiting 8 months and counting for another webcomic. Also I don't know why but the fact that Vinnie is like half the height of Galvin just makes me really happy. I think it's cuz I'm so short. I relate to him.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:42 AM edit delete reply
Thanks sirBloble, I suppose 2 months isn't that long when I think about it, after all it's been a steady 12 weeks of weekly updates since the last break, longer than I thought!
And yeah he's a shorty, I wanted him and Galvin to be different both in personality and physical (also short is cute).
Invisiblebear 1st Jun 2014, 11:30 PM edit delete reply
Vinnie's tears & worries almost got me crying & Galvin is such a sweetheart.
ashrium 1st Jun 2014, 11:56 PM edit delete reply
it was funny when Galena touched Galvin asking if he work out. but Vinnie crying really broke my heart, thanks goodness Galvin is such a kind guy :3. Good look Notos this comic is one of the greatest things that happened to many of us
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:44 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, thats kind of you to say! Glad you are digging it. Trying to get a nice mix and up's and down's in here.
pikinanou 2nd Jun 2014, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
seriously, this world is so sad, Vin couldn't even enjoy himself because of those stupid credits...
Have a nice break, I think my next Sundays are going to be a bit lonely :P
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:45 AM edit delete reply
I hear ya man, wish I could keep updating but my buffer caught up to me. At least it is at a chapters' end instead of mid-chapter, think of it like between seasons. Hang in there!
Wolfenpilot687 2nd Jun 2014, 12:53 AM edit delete reply
I can highly relate to Vinnie here. I often feel like a leech to my boyfriend, who often likes to pay for everything...
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:46 AM edit delete reply
Probably a more relatable thing than most people realize!
bronakopdin 2nd Jun 2014, 1:47 AM edit delete reply
Nice wrap up! And I love Galena's hair as always :D that white "topping" looks so nice! I wish she could teach me how to do all that great stuff!

I hope you can relay a bit for now in the hiatus! Even though you already said you'll slave away drawing I wish you some nice nreak time wothing worrying over next Sunday too much :D
in fact when marathoning through the comic before I loved the supplements a lot! Looking forward to them and the ask :D
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:48 AM edit delete reply
Hey thanks! Yeah I'm giving myself a few days to chillax, but sketching the new pages will start very soon.
Stardust 2nd Jun 2014, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
Feeling like you're a burden can be such a common thing in so many relationships, be it romantic or not. I could really empathize with Vinn here, its not nice at all and it doesn't matter how much people say its ok you always feel like you're not worth their time and expenses...self-esteem issues that all of us deal in some level i guess, you really captured the moment and the feeling.

btw, I'm gonna listen to your interview, Notos (finally we can listen to your voice!) and wait patiently for the next update.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 3:50 AM edit delete reply
Indeed, I'd be surprised to hear if somebody said they hadn't felt that way before. Enjoy the interview, hope I don't sound too stuffed up in it (it was annoyingly cold for the end of May here in Canada.)
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 8:31 PM edit delete reply
I didn't know what I thought your voice would be like, but hearing it was nice. I know you said your an "old man" on social media, but I actually found you once and almost hit friend request but didnt since I know you really dont use it anyways.
Notos 6th Jun 2014, 1:19 PM edit delete reply
I say 'old man' but I meant my attitude toward social media, I hope 30 isn't considered old.
And yeah, I barely touch facebook anymore, despite it being (apparently) the only way to stay updated with friends >_>. So I'm out of the loop I guess.
josbell975 24th Jun 2014, 10:04 PM edit delete reply
I meant attitude, I'm 39.
Cake 2nd Jun 2014, 4:34 AM edit delete reply
Vinnie crying today = me.

I showed my boyfriend this comic and said, this is basically us, and how I feel. Also his crying.. that's me over financial worries. Sigh.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 12:15 PM edit delete reply
Money worries are tough, for sure. Hang in there!
LunarPriest 2nd Jun 2014, 4:56 AM edit delete reply
I love this comic so much. And this chapter in particular addressed a real fear I have. I have never had a boyfriend or been on a date, but i feel like Vinnie does when it comes to the financial stuff. I come from a not well off background and am trying to surpass it but it is proving increasingly more difficult. I have very real fears that are the same as Vinnie's when it comes to being able to bring something financially to the relationship when I am finally in one.

this is a very realistic scenario. so thank you for writing it in a way that is accessible to people who may not come from the same circumstance.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
I hear you, although I'm lucky to have a good, secure job at the moment, working as a freelance artist certainly has up's and down's financially, if a studio you're working for goes under, there can be long stretches of time of no income at all.
Chris Dangerfield 2nd Jun 2014, 5:20 AM edit delete reply
Chris Dangerfield
Pure human male truth. I've been with my man for a LONG time. It's been good. It took him two years before he got over worrying about having/making less money. I just kept saying... it is NOT EVER ABOUT THAT. I'm right where I wanna be. Now, many years later he doesn't worry, but it's a hard truth for guys to figure out when it gets serious. I love the Vinnie for his honesty, it's what will get them through. Great work. Thanks.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 12:22 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for your comment, as always. I suppose finances is one of those issues that is universally relatable. Though I'm a bit surprised to hear so many relate to the 'not being able to accept it's okay despite being told so' angle like Vinnie, I thought I was driving the point a bit too hard with him, but many people seem to be saying the feel the same, interesting and refreshing to see.
Kendall 2nd Jun 2014, 5:42 AM edit delete reply
And...there's a donate button?! (rushing to use it) Cool! ;-)

Thanks for such an amazing comic; I look forward to the sketches & behind the scenes stuff during the "hiatus"! ;-)
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 12:25 PM edit delete reply
Hi there, thanks so much for the donation, as I said I'm keeping track of them for a mention in the weekly update, but since I have ya now, thanks! Glad you've been enjoying the comic, and hope the hiatus stuff is enjoyable on some level too.
Rauron 2nd Jun 2014, 5:56 AM edit delete reply
Oh my GRACIOUS that first panel. RIP in peace, me. You seem to be using little animation details more often overall, it seems, and I'm absolutely loving it. It helps that Fridge and Papa are lookin' rather cute in their mostly-modest shirts.

As for the story, this is delightful. It's tragic and cute and funny and sexy and believable and just plain interesting. My only complaint so far is that Galvin seems to be perhaps a bit too flawless. Attractive, wealthy, humble, courteous, honest... I'm curious about his less desirable traits.
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 12:30 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! Scenes like the Hot Legs nightclub require a lot more little 'eye catchers', maybe moreso than I'd like for the standard panel (production time wise) since it has to look very flashy. Not that designing Hot Leg's isn't fun, just a lot of work, so glad to hear you dig it.

As far as Galvin's flaws go, we learn about that within the first page of next chapter.
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 8:36 PM edit delete reply
I just love the fact that you made dancers, a little "Peanuts" style, but I think thats why I love it!
Notos 6th Jun 2014, 1:22 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I would have liked to give them more frames, but again, time constraints. I'd love to be able to animate Vinnie and Galvin hitting that dance floor sometime.
Richie 2nd Jun 2014, 11:20 AM edit delete reply
and here I am madly clicking next because I need more.

You certainly know how to tell a story.
Isis Marie 2nd Jun 2014, 3:22 PM edit delete reply
Isis Marie
This was so sweet, and poor Vin, with the tears and the crying and awww!!! I want to hug his worries right out of him, but I think Sweet Cheeks can do a perfectly good job of that all by himself.

Have to say I really, really loved the nightclub scene and I am curious about what Anna and Uni look like. I hope they're as nitro as Galena. The eye that's blinking and changing colour is friggin' awesome!!!

While I will miss finding out what's gonna happen next, I kinda like the behind the scenes stuff that you do with your hiatuses. And I bear it well knowing that you're building up your buffer and more of this comic badassery is on the way. Thanks for a really wonderful comic, Notos. You're totally nitro, man!!
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 11:53 PM edit delete reply
Cheers Isis, glad you dig Hot Legs, it's certainly a joy to design, if not work intensive! Anna and Uni probably look much like their anime counterparts they are a hommage to; huge 80's hair and risque oufits...so yes they probably look like Galena's long lost twins.
lighfoot90 2nd Jun 2014, 9:49 PM edit delete reply
Aw, Galvin's so sweet to Vinnie. They're such a good couple. And a very intriguing cliffhanger! Eagerly looking forward to the return of the comic, and the extras until then.

Synth pop has a huge influence on the story, especially for Vinnie and Fridge, and I was wondering what bands or records you'd recommend for those wanting to explore the genre?
Notos 2nd Jun 2014, 11:51 PM edit delete reply
For a general taste of the genre head over to this channel, it's got a nice wide selection and updates frequently; https://www.youtube.com/user/ManiacSynth
For more specific artists, try Perturbator, Lazerhawk, Lost Years, Kn1ght or Dance With the Dead.
Ted 3rd Jun 2014, 8:09 AM edit delete reply
Really awesome to hear you discussing your "city porn" approach in the interview (part 1).
It's a funny term but I greatly enjoy the idea - have you heard of the similar filmmaking term "mise en scène"? I think your webcomic is the best example of it.
Notos 3rd Jun 2014, 12:19 PM edit delete reply
I have indeed heard the term, admittedly it's much nicer sounding than city porn, though that's the term us background artists would toss around in the studio. I think it applies well to those of us who get easily blown away by nice background design; I still get envious of cyberpunk city designs, and hope to reach the skill level of those artists someday.
Ted 3rd Jun 2014, 8:11 AM edit delete reply
Also if you're into some solid synth, I highly recommend Datashat's Shatnereffekt One EP. Pumping!
Notos 3rd Jun 2014, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
Dig it, for sure. Thanks!
Marlee-The-Creator 3rd Jun 2014, 11:41 PM edit delete reply
This page actually kinda hit really close to home and even made me cry a bit. Fuck you for the feelz.
Matt G 4th Jun 2014, 2:07 AM edit delete reply
I started reading a few weeks ago when Alex W mentioned your comic on his site. I was instantly hooked and got my wife to read as well. Now we read together every Sunday to see what's happening with Vinnie and Galvin. We would love it if you could work out merchandise of some sort. My wife is clamoring for a shirt! Can't wait to see how everything works out after the hiatus. Thanks for writing such a wonderful comic.
Notos 4th Jun 2014, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
Hey there, thanks! Glad you two are enjoying it! I've gotten a few requests about a store, and there is certainly no lack of t-shirt designs the characters wear, (or ones I could do myself) I'd just have to find the best way to go about doing it, I'm kind of a tech idiot when it comes to that sort of thing. I'll look into it, but am open to suggestions too if there is a good, popular sales site out there.
Finz_ 4th Jun 2014, 2:09 AM edit delete reply
Do something special for him Galvin, he really needs the reassurance desperately. Just enough to keep us going until the next chapter, well done!
bobbyjoeguy 4th Jun 2014, 4:30 AM edit delete reply
I wonder how long it will be until they start charging DLC by the word instead of duration of activity... historically, there is only so much people are willing to take before they stage a rebellion.
Notos 4th Jun 2014, 12:23 PM edit delete reply
Don't give them ideas! If videogame DLC (which this is inspired by) is any indication, it won't be long before they start charging for word. Even for syllable. Also, similarly, if videogame DLC is an indicator, there won't be any sort of rebellion either, people will just be complacent.
bobbyjoeguy 5th Jun 2014, 7:12 AM edit delete reply
Well where's the fun in that?! ;)
mountain0goat 5th Jun 2014, 8:54 AM edit delete reply
Hey that's not true!
I don't know if I belong to silent majority or a silent minority (but it's certainly silent) but we don't give in to games and companies that promote that kind of over-monetization of gameplay. it's greed an we all know it. I'm not going to tell game makers how to run a business but I have a say if he gets my money or not.
I am a gamer and I like triple As but not at the cost of my dignity.
So, we aren't really complacent. it's just there's a really big world out there of people who don't have a spine and succumb like zombies to the next shiny.
My current games are FTL (Faster than light) and Transistor. both are indie games that aren't made by giants like Ubisoft.
Notos 5th Jun 2014, 12:11 PM edit delete reply
Then we are part of a very small minority, the fact DLC has gotten so out of control is still proof that the vast majority is either supportive of it or complacent. I also hold my principles over my desire to play a game.
The Pugpieper 5th Jun 2014, 1:03 AM edit delete reply
Hi there, still new to all this, yet loved the giant eyeball over the dance floor...that old 80's Nike commercial of big brother watching it reminded me of. Like I said I'm still new to this, so far yours and Alex's is the only comics on here that I've learned about that I really got into. So, with your hiatus happening for the summer, I was upset at first. That was my greedy side wanting more...then, I calmed down and said, quality over quantity is more important. The quality shows here, and I'm sure your growing fan base agrees. Enjoy the summer, I will be checking in each week just for the art and any extras you throw our way!
Notos 5th Jun 2014, 12:15 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for the patience, if I could post without stopping I would, but I'm completely out of buffer, otherwise the comic would have to just 'update whenever' versus having a set update day.
josbell975 5th Jun 2014, 7:24 PM edit delete reply
hi hi...I've been here the whole time lurking in the shadows reading when I can. I used to read updates late sat night early sun morning, but now life and a non-geek, non-understanding bf get in my way. I read when I can b/c its still a great comic and my haters arent gonna stop me!

Galena collecting her finders fee, LOVE IT! HAHAHA, thats so her AND she made Galvin blush (bringing out his inner Vinnie). Hey Galvin, you even lift bro?

Poor vinnie, lit...he keeps looking at his vredits dwindle instead of enjoying this moment, I feel for ya!

Galbin! HAHAHA, typical Papa O! And that light sign about the urinals! OMG, if I EVER get a gay bar, THAT is going up! But the tears in Vinnies eyes, the feeling of possible regret over his life changes, even if it brought him happiness...right in the feelings. Also when he left, it showed in Galenas face, anyone else looking at P-COM and walking out would mean nothing to anyone, we do it today w/ smartphones. But not her Vin Vin, all his peeps are in the same room. Now I gotta wait for summer hiatus to start ;-)
Notos 6th Jun 2014, 1:26 PM edit delete reply
Hey, thought you had vanished, glad to see you still with us, and thanks for the comments on this page. I bet your bf will see the light of Geekdom in time, it is a glorious all-encompassing light.
Derkins 6th Jun 2014, 2:09 AM edit delete reply
Hi! I'm a new reader. Got sent this way via The Young Protectors -- you were getting some major props over there in the comments, and I see why. I normally have a hard time getting into comics that have an animation feature, but this is such a pleasure to read.

It's cool to see how much story line you can cover with a minimal amount of work. It's really a favor to the readers, who in any comic, are typically hungry for the next update, and may only get a tiny step forward with a traditional approach. Those that don't update often end up taking years to get anywhere significant, plot wise. But these update are like.. big juicy nugets, heh. I still want more, but I also feel satisfied and almost greedy for what I did get.

And that is all beside the fact that this is just a super unique and well developed project. The characters have a ton of believable personality, and the world they live in isn't something I've quite seen before. So. Congrats on that! And the artwork is really very charming.

Also I just love this couple. I love how different yet compatible they are. They are so sweet. :)

Anyway. So glad I found you! That is all.
Notos 6th Jun 2014, 1:32 PM edit delete reply
Hey there, welcome aboard and thanks for your comment! Glad you dig the format, it's come a long way with some tweeks and lots of experimenting with what works and what doesn't.

It has it's upsides and downsides for sure, but I am very pleased with the point you mention about being able to fit a lot of content in. I try to make each page like a 'mini episode', I try not to split 'events' up into 2 or 3 pages and leave stuff hanging mid-event, if that makes sense.

Especially for webcomics, I hear you about the pacing issues sometimes, it's like "On this page, the character is walking to their destination. See you in a week!!" So, nice to hear you touch on that point, thanks!
someonelse 6th Jun 2014, 4:48 PM edit delete reply
Interesting that you mentioned "episode" here to explain the content of each page, and "season" earlier regarding the hiatuses. Maybe you should use those names, so instead of "Chapter 4, Page 12", this would be "Season 4, Episode 12"?

After all, it would be pretty hard to compile this into any kind of book, and each "episode" would end up taking multiple physical pages if someone tried. Whereas a fully animated version with appropriate soundtrack.... *daydreams*
Notos 6th Jun 2014, 8:39 PM edit delete reply
Would be interesting, but in order to do that I'd have to edit and re upload every file to date since they all have 'page' listings. I'll stick with Chapters and Pages ;) Though you aren't the only one daydreaming about an animated series, ah if only I had the time!
bobbyjoeguy 7th Jun 2014, 6:13 AM edit delete reply
Animated Series?! That would be amazing... who would do the voices? What do the characters sound like? Honestly I've been using Patrick Warburton as a reference for Galvin.
barrelv 9th Jun 2014, 11:13 AM edit delete reply
Thanks for another great chapter!
dougwarner59 20th Jun 2014, 10:39 PM edit delete reply
damn that was a great ending to a chapter. really touching.
Notos 21st Jun 2014, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
Thanks Doug, nice to hear from you again!
James (Jake) Englund 26th Jun 2014, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
My pleasure to donate, I absolutely love your comic, it's got so much appeal and I have to share it with all my friends!!!
James (Jake) Englund 26th Jun 2014, 12:49 AM edit delete reply
Oh yeah, and I would totally subscribe to your Patreon if you made one, I don't see anything in their terms (well, those that I can pull up) that'd conflict with your comic but I know it's tough to tell for sure ^^;
Sileno 22nd Jul 2014, 11:02 PM edit delete reply
You have created a truly wonderful serie
not only the graphics, but the story also, the way you are developing it.... Please, go on wworking on it; i will more than gladly donate as soon as possible !
rex. and ganymede. as One 14th Jan 2015, 5:48 AM edit delete reply
i love galvin and vince both equally thus far.
john 19th Jun 2015, 12:26 PM edit delete reply
So I'm absolutely in love with this comic. that out of the way; this story line of poverty and cross-class relationships is starting to really hit home for me.
I grew up in the Rustbelt. The BAD part of the rustbelt. My fiance is the son of two engineers who worked for NASA; they worked hard and got rewarded really well for their efforts (nowadays even that kind of career path for STEM workers is out of reach) and they could afford to provide his every want and educate him in the Ivy League.
When we were first together I felt just like Vinny. That I wasn't good enough for him, that my state college education wasn't stimulating enough for him, that my meager wages couldn't afford me to participate in teh same world that he was accustomed to.In my world going out for beers meant scrimping and saving to go to the really shady gay bar... not going to the place that specializes in Belgian draft imports.
I don't work at all now and mostly read, freelance, cook, clean and volunteer at the local environmental groups.
He's happy and at last I'm happy. It took time to get here and unpack the idea that class is complete bullshit and should be deconstructed to build a better society for everyone. And the irony isn't lost on us that two queer guys are leading a more 1950s heteronormative life than most conservative Christians.
just reading this for the first time has left me reliving all the struggles and progress five years has made for my life and his.
At long last I'm owning my bliss and I hope vinny will too.
Notos 19th Jun 2015, 1:32 PM edit delete reply
Thanks for the comment john, glad to hear things have worked out for you! The concept of radical class differences has always interested me, especially in a sci-fi, cyberpunk setting where things get really amplified. I was really interested in how it was handled in stories like Gattaca and Battle Angel where the rifts get pretty extreme.
Glad you're digging the comic so far, welcome aboard.
Darcy 1st May 2016, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
I love this page! Is it dumb that I cried a little with Vinny? lol Money is an issue with me as well, so I kind of know how he's feeling.
Jordan Gray 24th Dec 2017, 2:53 AM edit delete reply
Jordan Gray
This kicked me just as hard in the feels as it did the first time. I can absolutely relate to the money worry from both sides; it used to stress me out when I was a poor student with a working boyfriend, and it stressed out my husband when we got together and I had a decent career.

It can be hard to believe that someone is willing to part with their money to make you happy, but speaking for myself… I'm willing to spend money to make myself happy, and if making you happy makes me happy… Then it's a good and sound investment that makes two people happier!

Besides, time itself is a valuable and limited resource. If I'm willing to invest a decent amount of my time with you, it's only logical that I'm willing to pay so I can enjoy more of it.

The comments here are really validating. It's good to see this rang true to so many people, and we weren't the only people who struggled to make those connections at some point in our lives. Just another way in which you managed to connect deeply with your readers, Notos. :)

(Also, a good place to stop reading for the night!)
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